torsdag, augusti 06, 2009

"Evangelion" respons

Eftersom det kommer att dröja ytterligare någon tid innan min egen recension av BEHEMOTHs krossare "Evangelion" publiceras på Werock bjuder jag på några saxningar från andra läsvärda recensioner av denna platta.

På notoriskt svårflörtade, underhållande och oftast brutalt roliga Global Domination skriver Euthanatos lyriskt:

It’s only once every 5 years or so that we get an album that will just blow you away in every single aspect possible. This is it. This is the one of the decade, even. Nothing can possibly be better than this, because this is the nectar of the gods. I can’t possibly explain to you what ecstasy is, you have to experience it. Luckily, you can, and easily. Just buy this record. [...]

In all seriousness, though, this is it. It’s the be-all-end-all of death metal albums. It’s so excruciatingly violent, it’s wondrous. And the song writing has reached such an insane level of perfection, I think I just might cry venomous acid tears. It’s all here; melody, aggression, technicality, cake. Yes, it’s so good, it even has cake.
And nothing tops cake.

Culturebullys Matthew Chernus är minst lika gripen av plattan som jag själv och skriver:

Some bands are constantly changing the way they sound in order to sell records while others re-hash the same formula for years, trying to make their loyal fans stick around for one more summer tour. Then there are bands like Behemoth that are here on earth to challenge music fans by creating the most technical, the most intelligent and the goddamn fiercest songs possible. Evangelion is a force to be reckoned with; so intense and violent, it may leave a blood stain on the music world for years to come. [...]

This is war music; full of force, cruel intentions and pain. It’s hard to describe music this brutal; if extreme metal is not appealing to you I would suggest you run… now. Run far, far away. Clutch that Fleet Foxes CD close to your heart and don’t ever look back. For the rest of us: rejoice. [...]

This is less of a record than a notion; one that displays to us how heavy music can transcend clichés in honor of integrity and how nine songs can co-exist in one band’s world, creating an out-of-bounds hell for the average listener. It’s ugly but with hints of absolute beauty, crass but far smarter than any other band playing music today.

Och det bästa, det är att allt detta är sant.

3 kommentarer:

Fredrik @ Metal 4 Life sa...

Tårtkommentaren är fan i mig stor journalistik; underbart! :-) visst är berömmet till fullo välförtjänt. Behemoth mosar.

Anonym sa...

GD-recensionen av Evangelion är helt underbar!
"I want to have this album’s babies"
Haha, kan bli svårt, men det är definitivt värt ett försök - får jag föreslå gruppsex ihop med The Apostasy och Demigod...?

Thagirion sa...

Jag är faktiskt inte helt såld än. Jag har lyssnat igenom plattan fem-sex gånger, men den sitter inte direkt på samma sätt som "Thelema.6" eller "Demigod".

Den har definitivt några av Behemoths bästa låtar, men som helhet...jag vet faktiskt inte.

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