onsdag, maj 21, 2014

Några snabba till Foghat

Tihi! Jag fick tillfälle att mailledes fråga FOGHAT's Roger Earl några frågor inför Sweden Rock Festival-giget om två veckor, jag orkar inte översätta utan litar helt till läsarens kunskaper i engelska språket.

Alex: It's been ten years, what are your expectations for this years show in Sweden?
Roger: I expect to have a great time! Last time was a blast. So much talent in one place, you can’t go wrong.

A: What do you recall from the last time you were here? Anything specific?

R: The festival was probably the best organized large festival I’ve played at. The sound system was fantastic. The fans were great. The folks working backstage were terrific. A great time was had by one and all!

A: With so many classic songs to choose from, how do you choose which songs to play live?

R: Each year we change three or four songs in the set before we go out and tour. We try to mix it up. And there are always fan favorites. We have a good time playing no matter what!

A: Is there any one song you like more/never get tired of playing?
R: I like them all but Slow Ride is always a gas to play! The fans love it and we love playing it.

A: The latest album "Last train home" was a true vitamin injection, but it's almost 4 years old now. Will there be more new music down the road?

R: Yes. We are in the middle of recording a new album now. We should have it finished for release in 2015. Some new tunes, some Blues tunes and it will “Rock”!

A: "Energized" celebrates it's 40th anniversary this year, any chance of you playing any of the more obscure songs from that one? (Here's hoping for Golden arrow!)

R: There’s always a chance? Like I said, we try to mix it up.

A: After having been in the music business for so many years, is there something you personally feel you haven't done yet that you would like to?

R: Let’s see. I play in a great Rock n’ Roll band. Charlie, Bryan and Mac (Craig) are great musicians and good friends (Happy drunks after the show too!) I’ve done 175 MPH in my Lamborghini Miura SV in 1976. I love my job. I’m gonna roll till I’m old and rock till I drop. If the good Lord’s willing and the creek don’t rise….NO.

A: Are you happy with Foghat as it stands today, or are there venues still to explore with the band?
R: I would love to play in Europe more often. Maybe Sweden Rock every year??

A: Do you have a message for the swedish fans?

R: To all the Swedish Rock n’ Rollers, You guys fuckin’ ROCK! Real friendly too!

16 days to go! YEEHAAAA!


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